A résumé generally begins with some basic information about a person.

I could also do that here, but in order to present myself, the work I do and what is so special about it, more information is beyond details like I grew up in Brandenburg (Frankfurt Oder) or that I chose to settle in Berlin is required. My love of movement began early on. I started taking ballet lessons when I was 6, then took up rhythmic gymnastics. My passion for movement and physical exercise was then added to by a love of travel, so that I could get to know people from other countries and their cultures. A period of stay in Australia influenced me greatly as the easygoing attitude and cheerful nature of the people who live there fitted in well with my own personality. In 2008 I discovered that Pilates was exactly the right form of exercise for me, and so I completed a course to become a Pilates trainer in 2009, and in mat work (recognised by the German Pilates Association) with Joanna Mountefield in Berlin.

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Following that, I first of all moved to Canada and then once again to Australia, where I gained more experience with Pilates. I worked as a trainer there and began my diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy in 2013, as it is the ideal complement to the movement and bodywork in Pilates. I also worked at the Sense of Space Studio in Perth, which was co-founded by Karin Gurtner. Karin is Founder and Principal Educator at the Art of Movement Studio in Switzerland. There I mainly learned how to work with the fasciae, in the movement, as the studio worked closely with the Anatomy Trains Association.

In the WA Ballet Center in Perth, I began gathering experience with RMT in the work with ballet dancers. After returning from Australia, I continued my training as a movement teacher for the Pilates method in Berlin. I extended the classic mat training by working with the Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels, the Springboard and the Wunda Chair. In 2014 I also qualified as a trainer for TRX Suspension Training.

At the beginning of 2016, I completed the first course in Anatomy Trains 1 & 2, in preparation for KMI training, with the wonderful trainer Ari-Pekka Lindberg. Through the many different types of work and approaches that I have learned, I have developed my own programme, which I always tailor on an individual basis for each of the clients who attend my courses. It is important to me that sportsmen and -women, dancers and lovers of Pilates each get the support they need in a manner designed just for them. My programme involves the entire musculoskeletal system in all areas.

Today I have come back to my roots and now live in Berlin again. My openness towards the new and my passion for everything I do has remained. I want to share, with heart and feeling, what I have learned with others who are interested in my work and who are looking to gain a good body feeling for themselves.